Stop Paying Over $14.00 For A Gallon Of Water!

If you think the price of gas is high, then why buy water at over $14.00 a gallon. This is exactly what you are paying when you purchase single cold 16 ounce bottles.

The average price of a 16 ounce cold water bottle is $1.79, sometimes they are even more. Do the math.

It would take only eight of these bottles to make a gallon.

$1.79 x 8 = $14.32.


Stop wasting your money. Hold-It-Cold pays for itself when you purchase non-chilled water by the case.

The cost of a warm case of 16 ounce water bottles is right around $3.99 per case. That is 17 cents per bottle, or $1.33 per gallon. Using Hold-It-Cold saves you over $12.00 per case! Stop buying water at over $14.00 a gallon. Use Hold-It-Cold to save you money and keep you cool.


Here Is How It Works!
Simply attach Hold-it-Cold to your vehicle’s A/C vent and adjust as necessary. Hold-it-Cold channels the cold air from your vehicle’s A/C vent directly to your drink. You will be enjoying a nice cold drink in no time.

How Do You Know When Your Drink Is Cold?
Included in each and every Hold-it-Cold is a color changing band that turns blue when your drink reaches 40 degrees Fahrenheit! No guessing, just a nice cold drink to keep you cool while you are driving!

Will It Fit In My Vehicle?
Hold-it-Cold can be rotated right or left and includes adjustable air flow vents that allow you to channel the cold air from your vehicle’s A/C right to your Hold-it-Cold unit. There are three preset hanger rings that allow for height adjustment for perfect alignment with your A/C vent.

Hold-it-Cold is made from painted stainless steel and includes an attractive chrome hanger. It looks just as good as it performs! Choose from black or white. Either one is sure to match the interior of your vehicle.

The Advantages!
There are several excellent advantages to the Hold-it-Cold unit besides keeping your drinks refreshing and cold. Your drink is always within arm’s reach. This helps reduce driver distractions which keeps everyone on the road safe.

When used in conjunction with the Quick Chill Flip & Sip bottle (sold separately) you can save money and help the environment too!

What Types of Drinks Can I Use With My Hold-it-Cold?
Hold-it-Cold has been designed to be used with your typical 22 ounce bottles. You will also be able to cool an array of different drinks like: sports drinks, water, soda, fruit drinks, juice, milk, and energy drinks. It works great for babies drinks too. For best use make sure to INSERT CAPPED BOTTLES ONLY.

Hold-it-Cold is not intended to be used with aluminum cans, glass or alcohol. Please do not drink and drive. Drinking and driving kills innocent people every day. Don’t become a statistic. Keep you, your family and everyone else on the road safe.



Just The Facts


Keeps drink cold while driving.



Cools down a warm drink while driving.



Can be used with a variety of drinks.



Reduces driver distraction.



Better for the environment.



Pays for itself!



Adjustable for perfect fit.



Comes in white or black.



Use holder for cooling only. Hold-it-Cold has not been designed to be used when heat is being directed into air vents! USE WITH COLD AIR ONLY. Motorized vents must be in off position.